Education after high school necessary for success

Natalie Martin

Is education after high school necessary for success? I think the answer is indisputable. Yes. When we look at the facts, a college graduate and a high school graduate doing the same job earn very different wages. Having a bachelor’s degree can earn someone upwards of $17,000 more than someone who only received a high school diploma.

Considering the average student loan debt after completing a degree is $37,172, I’m not saying the only way to be successful is to spend thousands of dollars on a four-year university. Many people feel that college is the only option, but millions of people have found success in trades, the military and more.

“After high school, I feel like you get an education anywhere you go,” junior Kyle Jensen said. “Education is something you can get without going to school. It’s anything that you can take in and use what you’re learning.”

It seems many people have a similar view on this topic. Pursuing education in some way, shape or form is absolutely necessary. You learn from just being an adult out in the real world, but some opportunities aren’t even possible without education after high school.

“You have to have some type of education…you can’t even get in the door for an interview without some kind of diploma,” counselor Kimberly Schumacher said.

Whether you go to a four-year university or classes for two years to be a plumber, it’s close to impossible to be able to provide for yourself for the rest of your life without an education after graduating from high school. I think it’s absolutely necessary to further your education.