Should pineapple go on pizza?

Drew Ferguson, Writer

The age old debate of if pineapple should go on pizza should finally be settled, and if you ask me, pineapple belongs no where near one of the best foods on Earth. The sweet taste of pineapple is wonderful by itself as well as many other foods, but the combination of sauce, cheese, and pineapple is not worth it. If it were up to me, I would ban pineapple pizza across the world because it is simply a disgrace and embarrassment to everyones favorite Italian food.

Burke junior Jayden White was asked about the situation and said “If you enjoy pineapple on pizza there is a good chance you hate yourself, you have to be a psychopath to eat it voluntarily.” This is a very well said statement considering that it is probably the worst food merge in world history. But, sadly, there are some people who love the idea of a Hawaiian styled pizza. “Its so good, most that disagree just go with the popular opinion and have never given it a chance” says junior Josh Ferguson. It is sad knowing that people can withstand putting their tastebuds through pain.

I don’t believe that this argument will ever truly come to a close, but my opinion is strong on the side of NO pineapple on pizza.

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