Where to go to find the perfect prom dress

Prom season is right around the corner, with Burke’s being on March 28.  If you’re like me, this early date made you panic when you first heard it.  For many, the most stressful part of prom preparation is picking out the perfect outfit, specifically a prom dress. You have to consider many things when picking out a dress that is right for you including: if they have your size in stock, will the color look good on you, will it have to be altered at all to fit and what style looks best with your body type.  

Online Boutiques have many styles and sizes to customize to your desires.  Xenia (https://www.xeniaboutique.com.au/is one of them.  Xenia Boutique has around 60 styles of prom dresses to choose from with sizes ranging from XS-XL.  Xenia’s shipments come in very fast, in less than 2 weeks, considering they’re located in Australia.  The only downfall to Xenia is that returns are not accepted. The best you can get is an in-store credit toward your next purchase.   

“I got my prom dress from a website called Beginning Boutique.  I chose to get it from a boutique because it has more unique options and theres less of a chance that I’ll have the same dress as someone else at prom, junior Paige Ferguson said.   

Beginning Boutique (https://www.beginningboutique.com/is another option although it only has 39 dresses available.  Delivery takes about a week and returns are accepted within 30 days of your order date.  Beginning boutique has styles that are uncommon but very trendy and in-style. 

 Regular online outfitters also have a good amount of prom dresses.  A fairly priced website is Lulu’s (https://www.lulus.com/), with 120 different styles of prom dresses.  My favorite part about Lulu’s is that customers send in photos, so you can see what the dress looks like on someone that is around your same weight/height before you buy it.  This is extremely helpful because some styles look better on certain body types, so it gives you the option of accessing what it might look like on you before you buy it, along with reviews.  Another website with an abundance of dresses is Showpo (https://www.showpo.com/us/)showing around 319.  With most of Showpo’s dresses, they show the dress on two different models with two different body types.  Their dresses are a good price and they have a few customer photos. 

Shopping in store is another option for finding a prom dress.  Going physically to look at dresses gives you a chance to try it on before you buy it and see material and quality of the dress.   

“I started shopping online, but then I ended up finding my dress in store at Dillard’s, which worked out because I was nervous about buying the wrong size,” junior Morgan Miller said.   

Dillard’s, Von Maur, David’s Bridal and JCPenney are all places to physically buy dresses.  No matter your preference, there are many options to finding the perfect dress for you.