California trip offered for students

Caban Willms, Editor

Chef Townsend believes students should be able to experience other cultures and food outside of Omaha. In the summer of 2019, she is hosting a trip to California.  

“It’s an exciting adventure to see a whole bunch of different cultures and food,” Townsend said. 

Townsend, being limited on the number of students she can take, is only able to take 35 students. Every trip costs money, but 35 students, is a lot of money to raise. 

“It costs three thousand dollarsI’m pretty sure we’re paying for expenses and travel. We’re flying there and is covers the stays at the hotels,” said senior Betsy Gumm who is attending the trip to California. 

Despite expenses, several students have many reasons of going on this trip. Some are going because they have never been and to hang out with some friends. 

“I’m going because I think it would be a good opportunity to go to a place I’ve never been to in the country,” said Gumm. 

Some of the activities include, a tour of Alcatraz, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and a visit to Universal Studios, a stay at Venice Beach and free time to explore Los Angeles on their own. 

“I would like to visit the beach and a day there,” said Gumm. 

Any student would be unable to do this without the necessary fundraising which some students have taken to a more personal account. Students are encouraged to come up with unique ways to raise the funds. 

“I got a job and put in 20 bucks. I’ve been doing it for about 4 months,” senior Anna Stevens said. 

The trip will allow students many experiences and memories that they will want to remember. Plenty of students might take pictures, but with Stevens it is almost a guarantee. 

“I’ve never seen the ocean before and I want to see that. I’ll probably just take a lot of pictures,” Stevens said