Scary Acres opens for another scary season

Faith Worden, Reporter

As fall and all 0f its festivities begin, haunted houses and pumpkin patches all across Omaha start to open.

Scary Acres, a very popular attraction during the fall, had their opening night on Friday, Sept. 13.

Junior Julia Mylenbush works at Scary Acres and experienced the excitement as people from all ages came to have fun and get a good scare.

“It was really successful, it was just pretty busy,” Mylenbush said. “I think for all the actors it was pretty tiring, but I know that everybody had a good time and we got really good reviews.”

Scary Acres is not the only haunted attraction that opens during the fall, there are many others such as Mystery Manor, The Shadow’s Edge and Haunted Hollow. But, there is a certain uniqueness to Scary Acres that no other haunted house in Omaha has.

“We’ll bring out famous actors that are in horror movies so everybody can get autographs and meet them. This year, we are doing the actor that played The Nun, and she’ll be coming out on the 27th,” Mylenbush said. “This once of a lifetime experience takes place at Scary Acres, and no other place in Omaha has this to offer.”

This haunted attraction is open all the way up until Nov. 2, so students have several weeks to check this off of their bucket lists.