Cold Case Club begins meetings

Lexie Worden

Cold Case Club is sponsored by social studies teachers Becky Kegley and Megan Sak. Cold Case discusses notorious serial killer cases and analyzes evidence that led to finding the killer.

“Cold Case started because I used to teach a law class which dealt a lot with all aspects of law and criminal law. I currently teach government and when we talk about the court system, we talk a lot about different court cases,” Kegley said, “I noticed that a lot of students had a lot of interest in talking about O.J Simpson trials, and there wasn’t really enough time to cover it in class so we started talking about how it would be fun if we had a club where we could extend our discussions on criminal cases.” 

At the end of each meeting, the Cold Case Club chooses a topic to discuss the next week.

“Everyone will go do their own research on it, and then, we will discuss all of our own theories and try to come to a consensus on what we think happened,” Kegley said.

So far, the Cold Case Club has examined topics such as the zodiac killer, JonBénet Ramsey and Black Dahlia.

“We have about 6 or 7 members right now, but interest is growing,” Kegley said.

Cold Case Club meets every Wednesday in 128.