Disney Plus brings reminiscent memories

Lexie Worden

Disney Plus, a new video streaming service that has a variety of Disney movies and TV shows launched on Nov. 12. Disney Plus takes on a similar format of Netflix, with a library of TV shows and movies.

On the first day that Disney Plus released, many experienced troubles with crashes and difficulty to access the app.

“It sucks when you’re binge watching all of your favorite shows, then for some reason, you can’t anymore. I’m just glad it’s fixed,” junior Amaya Prchal said.

Many teenagers like Disney Plus because it includes many old TV shows that they watched during their childhood.

Several students are watching shows such as Hannah Montana, Phil of the Future, Phineas and Ferb, Star Wars and Marvel.

“I like it because there are so many shows I can watch that allow me to reminisce on my childhood favorite movies and TV shows,” sophomore Hannah Ajogbeje said.

Others explained their struggles with finding where they left off on the TV shows and movies they were watching.

“It doesn’t keep the episode of whatever show you’re watching. I find that annoying,” junior Nate Wheelock said.

Disney Plus has now made changes to their program and made it available to see where you left off in your shows and movies.

“I like Disney Plus because it bring back shows from my childhood. I’m glad they fixed the changes because it makes it easier to enjoy the throwback shows and movies,” junior Cleo Zagurski said.