Papillon Smart Place to Live or Not

Lydia Hernandez, staff member

         Papillion is a part of the 5-county metro area of Omaha with a population of 20,530 as of the most recent United States census estimates. It is in Sarpy county and according to it is one of the best places to live in Nebraska with the residents claiming to feel very safe “I think the whole city of Papillion comes together as a community even though there are neighborhoods and different school districts everyone just kind of knows each other”. says Amber Sutter former Papillion resident.  

Papillion is made up of one school district being Papillion Lavista Community Schools, having 11 public schools 1 private school and 1 college. The education system has been said to be very advanced and has award winning schools within the surrounding area. Compared to the national average papillons high school graduation rate is 11.5% higher.  

“They like their job there because they have smaller caseloads so there not overloaded with the amount of kids they can help whereas in ops the case loads are larger so it’s harder to focus on her students individually” teacher Olivia Bishop 

 PLVS  provides services for students with disabilities who range in age from birth to 21 years; the services offer, speech therapy, physical and occupational therapy, assistive technology, vision and hearing services, school psychology, and vocational experience. With these programs their main goal is to make sure people in these programs can participate in their community to the best of their ability 

More people in Papillion own a house rather than renting it. The cost of housing is 10% higher than the national average; now if you were planning on buying a house the average price would be around $167,200.00. With the median income in Papillion being around $74,992 you could get a more visual understanding of how affording it is for the average resident. In addition to the exceeding value of the costs of living the livability standards are set high. Having a crime rate of 16 per 1,000 residents, meaning every 1232nd go unharmed per year so you might have a well understanding of how the neighborhoods are. 

         Even though all of this research seems to show that Papillon could be the safest place to live, everyone has their own opinion on it.