Students consider their choices with money

Faith Worden, Reporter

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Most people simply go to a restaurant or clothing store to fulfill their needs, whether it is a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a or a shirt from Urban Outfitters.

But, we never seem to question where our money goes.

We are often left clueless to where our money goes to; big brands may donate money to people and organizations we don’t support- but do we know that?

Several controversies have started due to places donating to places with belief systems that may differ from their views. Chick-fil-a has received backlash due to donating money to organizations not supporting the LGBTQ movement.

“I don’t really pay attention to where places I shop at donate to but I really should,” sophomore Mac Jabez said. “I care about where my money goes because I want to know my money is being used for something productive or useful.”

Like many others, Jabez cares about where his money goes towards, but doesn’t pay much attention towards it.

There are people who are really passionate about their beliefs and stand strong in them, therefore they may choose to refrain from places due to their core beliefs and where they donate money to.

Several liberal groups have given Chick Fil A criticism due to their history of donating to charities with anti LGBTQ stances. In a press release from Chick Fil A, they announced that the Chick Fil A foundation will give a “more focused approach” in this upcoming year.

“I eat at Chick-fil-A rarely, but I feel bad doing it,” said senior Caban Willms. “It’s not the workers, the workers are fine, they probably known a job is a job. I just feel guilty because they have good food but they don’t like a certain group or many groups of people just because of tradition.”

Some feel strongly about whether they should shop somewhere or not due to beliefs, such as Willms, who particularly isn’t a fan of Chick Fil A’s belief system.

Chick Fil A’s three new initiatives for where they will be donating to are for homelessness, promoting youth education and fighting hunger.

While many groups are pleased with this, some groups of Christian people are “displeased” that Chick Fil A will not be donating to these Christ-focused organizations such as the Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

But, there are people who just come for the service rather than the cause. Some don’t really mind where there money goes and come for the service alone.

“I don’t care about refraining from other places due to my beliefs unless the store or company supports a organization or group that is really bad.” Jabez explained.

Ivory Ella is a known clothing company with a signature elephant on the back of their items and is very vocal about their cause.

“Ivory Ella donates their profits to help save elephants,” junior Anna Conti said. “I want my money to go to something meaningful or good but when buying things I don’t really think about it.”

At the end of the day, sometimes a chicken sandwich is just a chicken sandwich. To others, it means a lot more

“You should shop where you want, no matter what people say,” Willms said. “Your money is your money.”