Old coffee company expands in Nebraska


Pictured is the infamous iced Beanery mocha.

Maddy Wolff, Reporter

The Beanery is a coffee shop with three shops located in Gretna, Papillion and Ashland. The Beanery was established in 2003, and their newest location in Ashland opened August 17. On the menu they have a variety of hot coffee, iced coffee and blended coffee. They as well have smoothies and a Red Bull Blitz drink. They as well have many food options of bagels, cookies, breakfast sandwiches, muffins and oatmeal. The Gretna and Ashland locations both have a drive-thru and a lobby, and the Papillion location only has a drive-thru. I decided to go to the Gretna location but I went through the drive-thru. The building was very small and cute, the employee was very and nice and fast when making the drinks. I went with my sister and we could not decide what drink we wanted, so we got three! We got the iced Beanery mocha, blended Beanery mocha and a blended caramel latte. The Beanery mocha is their signature drink with white chocolate and caramel drizzled. My personal favorite was the iced Beanery mocha it had the perfect amount of coffee it wasn’t to strong but it still had that coffee taste, and then the caramel drizzle had the perfect amount of sweetness and it wasn’t too crazy. The price is very good and not overpriced at all in my opinion, the 16oz for the iced Beanery mocha was $4.15. The only bad thing is that it is kind of a drive to go to any of the locations. I would definitely recommend checking out this place!