Nebraska Students Find TikTok Fame

Natalie Martin

The app TikTok has quickly became one of the most popular forms of social media in 2020 among people of all ages and demographics. Every content creator has the opportunity to go viral in just a few minutes. Whether their video is a one hit wonder or their entire account blows up, all people have an equal chance of getting recognized. It could be your mom, your neighbors dog, or even the guy sitting next to you in class right now. Omaha, Nebraska has its fair share of “famous” TikTokers including one of Burke High Schools’ own.


“One of my posts blew up” Junior Chase Jorgensen said, “then it just kept going”.


Chase began posting in December of 2019, and he has accumulated over 117,000 followers and 1.6 million likes over the last few months.


Although you might think there’s a strategy behind the success, chase stated “I kinda just post whatever”.


It doesn’t end with just the followers. “Brands have hit me up” he added “I can talk about them in return for money and products”.


Another local who has found herself trending on the app is a student at Millard North High School, Liz Doll. Doll began posting about a year ago and has gained 143.1 K followers and 6 million likes.


“One video blew up and then people followed me” she said “and then another blew up and more people followed me and that just kept going.”


Similar to Chase, Liz was offered brand deals from various companies.


“I’ve worked with Novashine, and I’ve gotten jewelry, mints, and workout clothes. Some other brands have asked me to work with them too.”


Liz shared that being a popular creator isn’t always as positive as it seems. She as well as many other people with a large following, face criticism and backlash.


“People can be really mean, and I’ve honestly gotten more insecure because of what they say” she said “and I feel like I have to post or people will make assumptions about me. It’s just tough sometimes because there’s a lot of pressure.”


Becoming a TikTok star overnight is more common than most would assume, and it doesn’t just bring followers and likes. It also comes with perks like brand deals that bring in products and cash, and students at your local high school can prove that.