‘Omaha, you are a very special city’: Mayor Stothert returns to work following the death of her husband

Stothert’s campaign resumed on Mar. 17 with the primary election coming up on Apr. 6



Photo taken of Mayor Stothert with supporter at campaign event.

Bryce Johnson

On Mar. 16, Mayor Jean Stothert announced her return to work and the resumption of her campaign after almost a two week pause. This was her first public appearance since the death of her husband, Dr. Joe Stothert, on Mar. 5.

In a press conference surrounded by members of her family, staff, and city leaders, Stothert reflected on Joe’s support of her over the years.

“He was our our best volunteer, and he loved going door to door with me,” she said. “Joe and I talked a lot about what it means to be a public servant and he was so proud that we were both serving others. I love my job and I love Omaha, but my deep and lasting love is for Joe Stothert.”

Mayor Stothert also talked about mental health challenges, especially among those in the health care profession.

“We also know that mental health challenges and depression are prevalent and that those working in healthcare are at greater risk. To those in Joe’s profession, thank you for your dedication, and please make sure you are taking care of yourself,” Stothert said.

The mayor thanked everyone who reached out to her with their cards and condolences.

“The people of Omaha are amazing, so caring, so kind. Your public comments, notes, calls, and messages are helping us more than you can possibly imagine. Wee will be forever grateful to you,” stated Stothert.

On Apr. 6 the Omaha primary election for city council and mayoral candidates will take place. During the conference, Stothert announced the continuation of her campaign with hopes of becoming Omaha’s first three-term consecutively serving mayor.

“Beginning tomorrow, our campaign will restart our outreach efforts and begin advertising. Our team will do so while continuing to remember and honor the legacy of Joe Stothert,” said Stothert.