Senior Honors Night recognizes achievements of upcoming graduates


Faith Worden, Reporter

As seniors get ready to graduate, Burke honors those who have received the highest academic recognition.

On May 18, the Burke Senior Honors Night takes place at 7 p.m. To attend this ceremony, there are specific academic requirements. Academic letters, pins and gold cords will be handed out to those who met the qualifications.

“Senior honors night is a tradition at Burke that started when Burke opened its doors in 1967 on the Burke campus,” Burke Counselor Hope Smejkal shared.

With COVID this year, there are specific restrictions that made Honors Night different.

“Only seniors will attend Honors Night.  In the past parents/guardians/families have been able. This was before 2020 pandemic times,” Smejkal said.

Due to this change, there will be a livestream for families to watch. During the livestream parents will get to watch seniors receive their awards.

According to the Senior Honors Night Information Sheet, students have to meet one of these several requirements to be able to participate: “receive a scholarship offer, have an overall GPA of 3.5 and above, be a National Honor Society member, be a Senior Scholar Athlete, be an African American Academic Achievement Award recipient,” and more.

Seniors are to submit any of their scholarship offer letters to Diane Linkugel.

This Senior Honors Night invitation lists the requirements and information regarding this event. Photo courtesy to Hope Smejkal and the Burke Counseling team.