Wii Sports Club attendance explodes in new year

Caban Willms, News Editor/Sunshine Coordinater

School is back and so are the clubs. Some clubs this year are boasting a large increase in their membership. 

Wii Sports Club, sponsored by history teacher Patrick Woodman, is one of the clubs has seen a large increase in attendance. Membership for this club has risen 220% increase in the first few months of school. 

“Wii Sports Club has grown because we are advertising the club this year. The Kickoff Day club fair did a lot to advertise the club. Those sessions were so packed we had to turn people away the door,” Woodman said. “Buffett Middle School was planning on starting a Wii Sports Club this year, so we might be even bigger next year.”  

To be able to have Wii Sports Club with their increased attendance, they club needed additional Wii’s and television sets to host these activities.  

“We are up to 3 TV’s and have had 3 Wiis going at once. A few teachers have pledged their Wiis for club use, as well,” Woodman said. “Mr. Siecke brought us a Wii from Burke’s basement and I stole a Wii from my children. I think a good goal would be to have 5 Wiis going with very little ‘wait-your-turn’ time.” 

Woodman has developed a fond feeling for the club that he sponsored only last year. 

“I love the club. There is always a positive vibe for the hour and ten minutes that we are meeting together. Everyone is supportive of each other and it is a place to forget the drama that sometimes accompanies high school life,” said Tyree. 

Senior Raymon Tyree is the president of Wii Sports Club. “I make sure everybody gets to play and nobody, well dies,” Tyree said. 

Making sure everyone gets a chance to play is important to the club as it how most of the kids in the club get to unwind. Getting to unwind is also why some kids are doing it. 

“It’s fun and it gets your mind off the, ‘oh I have a ton of homework, or ugh all these tests,’ and that’s why I also continue to do the club,” Tyree said. 

Tyree agrees with Woodman that the Kickoff Day added many new members to the club. Tyree even had to bring his own Wii as well and they still don’t have enough, but that won’t discourage them from growing.