Students hold walkout in protest of LB 574 and LB 575


A large group of students walked out of their seventh block classes on March 31, in support of Trans Visibility Day and in protest of two anti-transgender bills that have been introduced in Nebraska legislature. These two bills are LB 574 and LB 575.

Respectively, these bills are known as the “Let them Grow Act” and the “Sports and Spaces Act.” LB 574 would ban all gender affirming care for anyone under the age of 19, while LB 575 would prevent transgender students from participating in sports and using bathrooms at school. They were both introduced by Sen. Kathleen Kauth. The bills and legislature have made headlines across the nation. Many of those headlines came as a result of Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh’s 3-week filibuster in an attempt to stop the bills.

Students gathered on 120th and Burke Blvd., just south of Dodge St., after walking out of their classes at 2:30 p.m.

The event was organized by junior Rosaria Kanoski. Administration was aware of the demonstration and allowed students to exit for the event, but restricted them from returning to the building for security reasons.

“The entire event stemmed from from one email to administration and an informational flyer that I posted on my Instagram,” Kanoski said. “I was expecting maybe 10-30 students with maybe a few signs but the support that I received was overwhelming and exciting.”

Central, Northwest and Westside high schools also held their own walkouts today. Kanoski says she was inspired by them.

“I got inspiration from my friends at Central who organized their own walkout and rally and encouraged me to do something similar at Burke,” Kanoski said.

Kanoski says this is an issue close to her heart.

“This event was important to me not only as someone that identifies as non binary, but also I believe that the trans community and especially the POC trans community are constantly under attack not only from the people around them but the government as well,” Kanoski said. “It felt important to stand up for them and to let peoples’ voices be heard.”