Cell phone ban pilot sees success, will be school wide policy for 2023-24 school year

After spring break, a new cell phone ban pilot started. See the original article by Kaitlyn Lisko here.

According to principal Darren Rasmussen, in the first month of the cellphone policy implementation:

  1. The Freshmen Failure Rate dropped from 29% to 23%.
  2. The Grades 10 & 11 Failure Rate dropped from 32% to 20%.
  3. The Assignment turn in rate increased by 50% Grade 9, 49% Grade 10, and 48.8% Grade 11.

Curriculum specialist Jennie Meyer was able also able to pull data that is supportive of the ban.

Last year at this time ninth graders decreased missing assignments 28% in the same time period. This year’s ninth grader were at 50% , but last year’s ninth graders are this year’s tenth graders. Ninth graders last year decreased 28%, but as tenth graders this year missing assignments have decreased 54%.