Homecoming 2018 is “star” of week

Zoe Sanders, News Editor

Burke hosted its annual Homecoming dance. The theme for this year was “Starry Night”, as decided by Senior Senate and sponsor Deb Ward. Doors opened at 7:30 pm and closed at 10:30 pm. Upon arrival, students were told to go through the cafeteria and take off their shoes and put any possessions they didn’t want to carry with them into numbered bags.  

“The new doors put at the front of the school limit our decorations more than in the past. Another thing that will be different this year is that there won’t be any balloons. Last year, we had too many students popping the balloons and doing things they weren’t supposed to do,” Ward said. “This year we built skylines of various different cities and we will also have stars around the halls and in the gym. We also have a DJ coming in from South Dakota that the kids seem to really like.”  

The Homecoming football game was against Elkhorn. In preparation for the game and dance there were themes throughout the week to inspire school wide camaraderie. The themes for the week were twin day, Space Jam, We Wear Pink on Wednesdays, Throwback and Patriotic Day. In addition to spirit themes, there was a pep rally to encourage students to go to the football game and support the team.  

“The pep rally is to encourage unity and get people excited about homecoming. At the pep rally, the cheerleaders and football players will do their yearly dance along with the drill team preforming and having the Homecoming royalty introduced,” Ward said . “It’s a great time to get involved and make new friends around the school.”