My thoughts on trends

Caban Willms, Editor

I once asked myself, “How did this thing become something everybody is doing now?” Then I immediately answered, “oh, because its either fun, stupid, catchy, or mix of all of it”. Fair enough there is no shortage to ideas that become trendy.  

Don’t you guys remember the stair shuffle? It was more of a fun thing to show people that you can do, then something that everybody did, but it was still a big thing. I’m mean hey, dabbing is still around. I only see my friends do it but not very often though. I know I do it sometimes, mainly after an accomplishment that I thought was worthy of the dab. 

I’d say out of all the modern trends, Fortnite is the one of the most popular. In my opinion it’s also one of the worst. I’m seeing it way too much for what it is. The emotes, costumes, clothing articles, its everywhere. You don’t see people doing Black Ops Four emotes do you?  

I think we can all agree though that Tic-Tok is the bane of happiness. It’s totally part two. Fun fact about it though, Soulja-Boy has his own Tic-Tok account. It’s a popular trend, mostly seen on meme sites like iFunny.  

A lot of people not, excluding me, hate on trends but if y’all have any trends, please stick with them. I may think it should die, *cough* Fortnite *cough* Tic-Tok *cough*, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them. I’m sure someone somewhere hates my trends so… yeah. All in all, trends are weird, but if they make you happy, then do you.