Seniors reflect on future choices

Zoe Sanders, News Editor

With less than 30 days until graduation, seniors are prone to start reflecting as their high school career wraps up. Since the start of high school, students have been asked “what do you want to do after you graduate?” In all likelihood, the answer to that question has changed many times as each school year passed and new things were learned.  

Freshman year I wanted to be a photographer and I wasn’t planning on going to college at all,” senior Bri Munderloh said. “Now, I plan on going to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln to study forensic science. 

As their final days approach, the Class of 2019 now has concrete answers to these important questions about their future.  

I’m going to the University of Northern Colorado to study art with an emphasis on K-12 education,” senior Tori Wright. “I’ve really gotten into art in the past couple of years but I also want to help kids learn how to use art to their own advantage. 

Now is also a time for reflecting on how things have changed and what has inspired the seniors to follow their chosen paths. 

“I grew up watching cop shows and was always interested in the prospect of getting involved in forensics,” Muderloh said. “This, along with taking a tour of the Douglas County Crime Lab inspired me to go into forensic science. 

And while many people have changed their minds about what they want to do, some have known what career they wanted to go into from the start. 

“I’ve known since freshmen year that I wanted to go into medicine, its always been something I wanted to do and that hasn’t changed,” senior Kailee Yabut said. “Going into college, I feel more prepared than not which is good. I think my biggest challenges next year are going to be making new friends and adapting to a new environment.”