How Student-Athletes Are Staying in Shape During The Pandemic

Bradley Dytrych, Reporter

After the Coronavirus pandemic hit in these recent months, and the schools being enforced to close everything, all students have been forced to adapt to the new means of “normal”. Student athletes were hit even harder. Practices stopped, seasons ruined, and workouts left up to themselves.

After talking with some athletes here at Burke, it is clear most of them prefer to visit gyms that are still open. However, everything is not back to normal. After working out with the equipment, it is required that you wipe down your area with disinfectant to help reduce the risk of Covid. Some are also seen wearing a mask during their workout, but it is not required. Social distancing is encouraged.

Most athletes partake in weight training classes here at Burke as well, but with the change to online learning, it has been difficult. Without the use of the weight room at school, not everybody has access to equipment without visiting somewhere else. During these classes, cardio is encouraged due to the fact that you can get a good run or something similar just about anywhere, while also effectively socially distancing.

So, is it possible to stay in shape during the Pandemic? For the most part it can be easy. There are very many workouts you can do right at home, wherever and whenever you want. Some are lucky enough to have their own personal equipment, and some just need to adapt to what they have access to. Although the athletes unfortunately can’t return to their normal routines, there are plenty of ways they have been staying in shape. The coronavirus has definitely brought a challenge to the table, and obviously can be frustrating, but with some dedication and work ethic, anything can be overcome by our athletes here at Burke.