Burke’s Educators Rising Students Make an Impact


Educators rising is a student organization dedicated to the next generation of teachers. This club is sponsored by Ms. Burton and Ms. Reyes. High school students who are interested in a future in education are invited to join this club in order to learn many valuable skills that will benefit them in their future of pursuing a teaching career. Educators Rising provides unique experiences and opportunities for aspiring teachers to build their resumes, gain experience, and discover new ideas that will benefit them in their future as educators.


“Being a part of Ed Rising in high school provides hands-on opportunities in local OPS classrooms, within Burke classrooms, and in the Omaha community. Our students participate in volunteer projects, attend professional conferences, and meet with local educators to gain knowledge about the field,” said sponsor Andrea Burton.


Many students who have participated in Educators Rising are looking forward to their future as educators. Junior Milan Aranda explains how this club has prepared her for a successful future.


“Educators Rising impacted my future because it gave me tips for the future for what to do in my classroom, topics I should discuss with my students, and how to be inclusive,” says Milan Aranda.


Educators Rising not only prepares students for their futures as educators, but it makes a positive impact on their high school experience as well. Freshman Lea Hanson describes the impact Educators Rising has had on her first year of high school.


“This club has positively impacted my high school experience so far. Being involved in the community and school events is really important to me, so it’s exciting to be a part of this group,” said Hanson.


Several of Burke’s Educators Rising students were invited to compete at the state competition in March. Multiple students placed in the top 3 in various categories. Students placing in the top 3 include AJ Marshall, Dee Dee Djon, Sophia Bouman, Lea Hanson, Ellie Ottens, and Jasmine Spittler. Milan Aranda was elected to be the next Nebraska State Ed Rising President for the 2022-2023 school year.


“After watching our students prepare for the competitions since last fall, it was fun to watch them experience the benefits of their hard work and feel the accomplishment for themselves.


Mrs. Reyes and I are extremely proud of all our students for the work they put into preparing for the competitions,” said Burton.


Following the conclusion of the state competition, high-achieving Educators Rising students Ari Ortega and Milan Aranda are preparing to compete at the national level this summer in Washington, D.C.