Is Peacock streaming service worth your time?

Liv Mossage, Reporter

Many fans of popular NBC tv shows such as “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “Community” were likely disappointed when these shows were taken off of popular streaming service Netflix. As of right now, “Parks and Recreation” is no longer on Netflix, and there are plans to remove “The Office.” However, NBC has created their own streaming service where these shows can be streamed for free. I decided to try it out, and compare it to how I would have watched the shows on Netflix.

Peacock can be downloaded onto a phone, laptop or other mobile device as an app. Users can create an account using their email address and then start watching. For five dollars a month, watchers can unlock a greater variety of shows, and for ten, they can get rid of the advertisements that interrupt their shows.

Like Netflix, on peacock, watchers have the ability to search a show title and choose from all the episodes available. I liked this feature because I had started watching the show “Parks and Recreation” already on Netflix, and I could just start watching on the episode I had last finished. I watched the show for free, so I had to watch ads. For me, there were three commercial breaks during my twenty minute show. Eat break lasted around 60 seconds.

Overall, I would definitely recommend trying this streaming service. I think it is a good idea to have the free option, which is something that most other streaming services do not offer. Peacock is a good idea for students, because it is not required for streamers to pay. The site is easy to navigate, and streamers can watch their favorite shows. Overall, I would give peacock a 5/5 stars.