Harry Styles: Love on Tour


On September 22 Harry Styles speaks to the crowd before performing “Fine Line” at the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Photo by Carly Wilson

On Nov. 13, 2019,  Harry Styles first announced Love On Tour for his sophomore album Fine Line . Dates were released for North America, Europe, and South America following the announcement. Unfortunately, COVID shut down the entertainment world and fans tried to hold on to hope that things would calm down in time for tour to still take place.


However, on March 25, 2020, Harry posted on social media announcing the rescheduling of the Europe dates to 2021. Then to follow, new dates for North America were posted, yet the dates weren’t official as his management continued to watch CDC guidelines. Finally, on July 14 of this year, the final dates were posted for his North American fans, sending disappointment to fans in other countries.


When it was announced that the  tour was being held off for another year, fans had to make the decision of keeping their tickets and waiting to go or selling their tickets due to conflict in the future. Emma Casas, a junior at Millard North had tickets before the rescheduling and had to decide but thought since the concert date was pretty far away, she could just worry about it when the date got closer.


“We seriously considered not going. My family took COVID very seriously,” Casas said. “What ultimately convinced us to keep the tickets was that I was able to get fully vaccinated, along with knowing masks were required for entry.”


All the concert venues rules vary but the main requirements for entry are masks and either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. At the Xcel Center in Saint Paul, they required visitors to be fully vaccinated and masks to be worn at all times.


“I totally think the Xcel Center did everything they could. I was in line for a long time, and they made sure everyone that was waiting had enough space, plus they definitely enforced the mask rule,” Casas said.


The tour stop in Saint Paul, Minn. on September 22 attracted thousands of fans, causing it to be sold out. Most people attending had been waiting 2 years to see him and were excited to finally see Harry and his band live.


“Everyone together in one room that loves and appreciates something the same way you do, it’s unbeatable,” Casas said.


Casas brought up that not one of Harry’s concerts are exactly the same. For example, every show before singing his hit single, “Watermelon Sugar,” he teases the crowd a little by singing random notes and having the crowd repeat them back or singing, “tastes like strawberries, on a summer evening,” on repeat. During his show in Detroit, he spotted a girl dressed in a banana costume and began singing a song about her. The “banana song” has since become a staple during his “Watermelon Sugar” intro and many fans have started dressing up as bananas just so he sings it.


“You could go to 5 shows and not one of them would be the same. His shows rely so much on the audience every night that you never know what you’re gonna get,” Casas said.


Harry has so far performed 24 out of 40 shows on his tour across North America and he has made each show unique. Every show is different, exciting, entertaining, and life changing for the fans who finally get the opportunity to see their favorite person during Love On Tour.