Caban’s Corner: Remakes, why you do dis?

Caban Willms, Editor/Sunshine Coordinator

Welcome back to Caban’s Corner everybody; whoo! 

This first edition is about Netflix and how remakes are getting kind of lame. Alright let’s do this. 

Netflix is a wonderful thing. It brings us the movies we watch and the shows we binge many times over. But the one thing that ruins these perfect creations are their remakes. Now, don’t get me wrong, l like a good remake. I like seeing someone else’s take on a superhero or what have you, but if there’s one thing about remakes I don’t like is the excessive amount of them. I’m sorry producer, but I have seen Superman plenty of times; just because he has bigger muscles doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to make another one. 

Take the TV show The Flash, which is my favorite thing to watch, they have an excellent cast and its well-made even for the budget they have. They even brought the actor who played the Flash from the old movies as his dad. They are very clever with what they do and it fits so well. But Batman: Ninja isn’t something I would want to see. It’s Batman like always but he’s in Japan and doesn’t use his gadgets. He’s not even Batman in it. What’s the point? 

I don’t want to completely bash on remakes, they can be a good idea if done correctly and appropriately. Some new remakes are meant for kids like some of the old Cartoon Network shows we used to watch. In my opinion, they are terrible. They are so different from how they used to be, like Total Drama. The things they had were definitely-not appropriate when they first aired the show; a few years later and now it’s great for children.  

If some producer and director is going to make a remake of almost anything popular, then they need to make sure it’s what people want and, for the most part, can enjoy and be hyped to see the next showing or episode.