Up and coming Bulldog model


Burke senior Alyssa Peoples is featured on Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2021 runway. Peoples in on the furtherest right, in the striped outfit.

The world of modeling has surrounded all forms of media for decades. Models on the front of magazines, New York Fashion Week, and fashion shows fill many social outlets. We hear the common names, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, but modeling is a lot closer than many Bulldogs may know.

Senior Alyssa Peoples has been modeling since she was first discovered by a senior picture photographer at 13 years old. Ever since, she has been in many different modeling works in Nebraska but also across the world. Recently, Peoples traveled outside of the country to partake in different castings. Her modeling has given her the opportunity to visit places she wouldn’t have otherwise.

“With modeling, I’ve been able to travel outside of the country, like to Milan and Paris, to meet with agencies and to go to castings for Milan and Paris fashion week,” Peoples said.

What many may not know is that there are different types of modeling gigs. To name a few: runway, commercial, glamour, and magazine. Each type has its own schedules and routines to follow, given what it is to promote. Peoples talks about what an average day doing a runway gig looks like.

“You get backstage to get hair and make-up done, then you chill out for two or three hours. Then you get in your shoes you walk the runway to get a feel of the shoes and the runway. You get backstage, then it’s super chaotic because everybody’s yelling, everybody’s screaming,” Peoples comments. “The models are trying to get their looks on, everybody’s trying to get in their line up place. You’re trying to get on the runway on time and trying to make sure that the time in between the models is perfect, so it’s pretty intense when it comes to runway.”

More recently, Peoples walked for Marc Jacobs this past Fall. This was her debut runway for Marc Jacobs, giving her more experience in the modeling world. While doing runway gigs can be hectic, they can also be rewarding. Runways are her favorite gigs to work.

“Even though the casting process and the lead up to the show, like during hair and make up, is super anxious, once you’ve walked the show, you feel really accomplished,” Peoples comments.

Being a model during high school has proven to be difficult at times. Missing days at a time for shoots and catching up on schoolwork are a few of the challenges many would come up with. For Peoples, one challenge she has faced is accepting refusal.

“You must learn how to take constant ‘no’ and not taking it personally. I mean that’s hard when your whole job is based on if they like your ‘look’ or not so you would feel a type of way if you’re consistently getting ‘no’s,’” Peoples stated.

High school and modeling has taken up most of Peoples’s time. With this school year being Peoples’s last, she has began wondering what to do after school. Peoples wants to pursue modeling full-time after graduation.

The plan is to go to New York towards the end of May and all of June to get some development and work there. I hope that I can make this a career and be successful and to become a well-respected model in the industry,” Peoples said.